About Us

Let's start with who we are...

Paintball Riviera dei Fiori –  an idea born from the minds of four guys from Imperia: Luca, Valentino, Roberto and Francesco. Pushed by their passion for discipline, from the desire to bring something new on “ponente ligure” (I don’t know if I can translate it..) and from the necessity to practice an outdoor sport, they have given life to their Paintball field. In Italy, paintball is recognized as a disciplined sport and it is diversified in different specialties: Speedball, Scenario and Woodsball. In all three formats the goal is to eliminate the opponent, hitting him with paintballs shoot by a paintball marker. The main difference between the specialties is the environment in which the gameplay is being carried out. Speedball is played on a field composed by inflatable bunkers and covers, giving an equal playing field for each team. The Scenario is characterized by a theme, a story where players participate with an active role, like historical re-enactments. Woodsball, instead, is played in natural outdoors area, like woods, and it is exactly what you will find in our field. We have given birth to this Woodsball field with the purpose to bring something new to the ligurian hinterland. Coming to play Paintball in our playground means to enjoy a day in nature, outdoors, with total relaxation and fun. We organize bachelor parties, business team building and birthday parties!


Important: Read our internal regulation





Bring with you just your wish to have fun and leave the rest to us!


In addition: not just equipment, but even..

Photographic set







-Facemask with fog resistant thermal lens

-Protective Vest

-neck protection

-reinforced gloves

-paintball marker

-200 bullets

-Unlimited air



Paintball Riviera dei Fiori does NOT supply shoes to the participants. We suggest a pair of hiking boots or tennis shoes with a solid sole (football shoes are perfect, avoid models with a flat sole like “All Stars” or similar). Camouflage:  We have several camo suits, but we don’t guarantee their availability. It’s highly suggested a change of clothes, the paint is soy-based, so after just one run in the washing machine everything comes back new. For further informations we invite you to contact us and consult our internal regulation.