Internal Regulation

Paintball RDF

Every participants must carefully read the internal regulation and accept it in every part before being able to freely access the structure.

Required documents: ID, driver’s license and/or passport. We will not accept other kinds of documents.



1) It’s absolutely mandatory to wear, for every player, the protective mask inside the playground. It can be taken off only inside the security area, and eventually at the end of a single match, after all players have put the safety on their paintball markers. The organizers will not be accountable for any damage to those who have not respected this fundamental rule.


2) Every player has to take responsibility for any  damage caused, willingly or not, to people, animals and things during all game phases (the rest of it it’s not really clear in Italian too.. it’s like “you will get the responsibility, leaving the organizer out from any problem”)

3) During the game it’s recommended to maintain a civil and respectful behavior towards nature, animals, public peace and to all structures.

4) It’s absolutely forbidden to use words, gestures and sentences that could be offensive to other players, both in and outdoor of the building.

5)The organizer is authorized to expel people from the game, without having to necessarily give a reason for it.

6)For every participants, both adult and minors, it’s mandatory to request the participation form, after having consigned the Responsibility Declaration (yeah, that sounds about right) and the INTERNAL REGULATION. For people under age (<18) it’s mandatory to have a signature from parents or legal guardian. Minors (<14 years) are forbidden to play, even if accompanied by a parent.

Not respecting or not accepting ANY of these points will cause the player exclusion from the game activies.