Woodsball Field

…over 10.000 square meters of fun!



Our Paintball field is located in Liguria, precisely in Savona province, just a few minutes away from Andora highway exit. The kind of Paintball we have chosen is Woodsball, an equipped field in the nature where you can enjoy your outdoor day having fun

The field is divided in three areas:

  1. Relax Area, where you will relax at the end of every match.
  2. Markers Area. In this area you will find Paintball markers.
  3. Playing area.


The game zone is really wide, and today (after several working sessions) we count more than 10.000 square meters of field. Everything, of course, is equipped to produce the best scenario, worthy of an engaging Paintball challenge. A stream cuts the entire area in two, connected with 4 bridges and drywalls, wooden repairs, sandbags, bins, turrets and trenches, increasing the area appeal. Everything in just one field!




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